Alisha Anderson


Hi my name is Alisha, more affectionately known by some of my friends as “Lish the Dish”.


Growing up we always had guests in our home whether for a meal or to spend the night. On any given Sunday after church, there was almost always guests joining us for lunch and sometimes for dinner. Every holiday we invited people to our family gathers and treated them as though they were our own. We made them a part – we gave them gifts, invited them to play games and be family with us no matter who they were or where they were coming from. It allowed me to appreciate people and the value that they bring to our lives. It gave me a love for hospitality but more important that it gave me a real love for people and a goal to make them feel special.

Both of my grandmas were very hospitable and anytime I was visiting we were sure to be in the kitchen, baking and making a memory. I learned so many valuable lessons growing up about cooking and my love for showing kindness to guests in the home was birthed out of all these special occasions.


From a very young age, the love of entertaining, cooking and loving people was in my veins. I would coerce my sisters into being my guests and a pretend dinner I was cooking in our playroom. I would bribe them to sit up on the bar stools overlooking the kitchen while I would pretend I was hosting a cooking show on tv. I would have my ingredients all measured out in special containers just like they did on tv. It was something loved to do.


When I was in 5th grade I even ventured to start my own cake decorating company. I was so excited at my first customer and worked so hard to make the perfect cake. Cakes were so much more basic than they are now but my customer loved it and I was thrilled. I probably did a total of 5 cakes but I thought I was big and rolling in the bucks! Looking back, my parents had a lot of gracious friends who loved me and believed in me!


I made a whole gingerbread village when I was in middle school, I made vegetable bouquets where I turned the most ordinary veggies into a colorful display.


When I was in high school I would cook special treats for my friends. I was also good at conniving my parents of an opportunity to have a game night or party at the house just so I could cook up something unique and fun. I had this love to play with food and be creative in ways that most could not see.


For me EVERYTHING is in the presentation, you can ask my family they are always laughing at the lengths I will go to in order to create a masterpiece with even ordinary food! It’s not complicated at all, it’s just a passion I have and I would love to share with you. This dream has been in my heart for many, many years I have been building and creating, cooking and entertaining, learning the best approaches to entertain and at times learning what not to do!


I want to create a community of kind-hearted people who want to express themselves by loving on others through the gift of hospitality. In a society where many are so very lonely because many are buried in our phones more than we should be there is a desperate need to belong, to be accepted and valued by those around us in a live person to person setting.


Authenticity should be at the heart of all you do in your home, you do not have to be someone you are not, just be you! This can start by a simple meal where friends are gathered around, conversations are had and memories are made. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been cooking and entertaining for years there is something here for you!


Let’s be a company of people who encourage one another to connect, enjoy life’s journey and each other! Join me as we explore new ideas, hands-on how-to guides, a dinner party planning guide from start to finish, food creativity, hosting overnight guests and so much more. Grab a cup of coffee and join the table as we grow in our love for others.