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A Nacho Libre Inspired Dinner Party

If you’re looking for a fun night with friends, try inviting them over for a themed dinner/movie party.

It’s a sure way to have your guests laughing and enjoying the night together – unless they hate movies, in which case…save this blog for your new friends – the ones who do love movies!

If you have kiddos living at home and need a family night idea, consider using an age appropriate movie theme in place of my Nacho Libre idea.

I have found that movie themed dinner parties are a simple way to bring conversation to the table because it’s easy to set the mood. Add in the right table settings, some simple decor, delicious tasting food and before you know it, your friends will probably remember the night for a long time to come.

When choosing a movie theme think about how you can bring the theme into the table decor as well as the food so you can tie it altogether.

Nacho Libré

Nacho Libré is a staple in our house, holding great memories for our family. We watch it at least once a year and invite friends to share in the festivities. My daughter can quote every line and sing every song, word for word. I think we’ve watched this movie more than any other.

Last summer we invited my older niece and nephews over for a dinner party before they went back to college. It was time to bring them into our “Nacho Libré World”. Some had not seen the movie and we thought it would be a fitting way to send them off. This year we opened the tradition beyond our family and invited friends, so I had to kick it up a notch. We had so much fun that night, I laughed until my guts ached. It was hands down the best night we had with friends in a long time.

Here’s how it played out.


Firstly – it only seemed right to make a nacho and taco bar using only the best… and by that I mean: “The Lord’s Chips” (If you have seen the movie you know).


Secondly, creating a casual environment was the best fit for our Nacho Libré Partaaaayyy. I placed a roll of brown paper down the center of our long table and wrote quotes with a black sharpie from the movie along the edges of the paper.

Recycled tin cans were the perfect fit for succulents. They also added a bit of spice and color to the table. Exotic looking flowers and sunflowers in recycled brown kombucha bottles added the height I always go for. Tomatoes and jalapenos from my garden brought another layer of texture and more color. Red pillar candles gave the table a bit more atmosphere. The final step and the most fun, was placing tortilla chips down the center of the table with bowls of salsa spread through out for our guests to help themselves as they ate.

It didn’t take much effort to throw this dinner party together but the memory no doubt will be etched in our friends memory forever!

You don’t have to make dinner parties a big deal to make them count. Making memories with friends and family, adding value and creating connection is really what it’s all about. As humans, we long for connection and authenticity, throwing a dinner party is a great way to achieve this! Take the walls down and any false expectations of how hard it is to entertain and just enjoy the time with your friends and family!

Other Movie Themed Dinner Ideas:

Pink Panther

  • Food: Hambuuuurgers on the grill, serve with any sides
  • Decor ideas: Use highlights of pink and black. Pink Carnations, pink napkins with black silverware. Cut large paw prints out of paper and write movie quotes on them and place them through out the table.
  • Extras: A detective notebook, a magnifying glass, or binoculars.

Downton Abbey Tea Party

  • Food ideas: Finger sandwiches, scones, sausage rolls, bite size finger desserts, tea
  • Decor ideas: Candlesticks, lace, flowers, cloth napkins
  • Extras: Find Hats from an antique or 2nd hand store for your guests to wear

Kung Fu Panda

  • Food Ideas: Phó or Asian noodle dishes, fortune cookies
  • Decor ideas: Red and black decor, vases, candles, chopsticks
  • Extras: Hang Chinese lanterns over the table,

Forest Gump

  • Food Ideas: Deep Fried Shrimp, Boiled Shrimp, Gumbo shrimp, Saúted shrimp
  • Decor Ideas: Fish net on the table, candles, silver buckets, a box of chocolates
  • Extras: fishing tackle and accessories


  • Food Ideas: Carrots, Pretzels with ranch dressing (Olaf) Snowy White Alfredo, Marshmallows and Strawberries dipped in white chocolate
  • Decor Ideas: White fake snow, Blue candles, snowflakes around table
  • Extras: Princess crowns for your darling guests, Water bottles labeled “Melted Snow”, snow wands

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