In this season we are all spending more time in the kitchen, I thought it would fun to share my top 10 under $10! Every kitchen needs a few gadgets right?

I love that there are so many out there to choose from. I have had some gadgets that are completely unnecessary and end up never getting used. I also have some that I absolutely love and don’t know how I ever survived without.

Tools in the kitchen that make the process easier, shave time off of preparing or make cooking a breeze are ones that win in my book! Here are my top 10 gadgets and why I can’t live without them. Click on any picture to go to straight to the amazon link.

1. Wide Mouth Batter Bottle

I love making pancakes but seem to always make a mess doing it! This batter bottle has changed my breakfast routine when I am making waffles or pancakes. It can be mixed straight in the bottle. It comes with a wide mouth and a shaker ball to mix your batter smoothly. No extra bowls, spoons or mixer beaters to clean up when you are done. You can even store the extra batter in the fridge in the bottle and use it on another day. It is easy to draw shapes or patterns with it’s easy pour top so you can have some fun with breakfast!

2. Herb Scissors

Cooking with fresh herbs can elevate your flavors and make any dish next level!  I bought these herb scissors from a school fundraiser magazine a few years back.  I couldn’t believe I had not found these sooner.  It makes using fresh herbs in any recipe a simple task.  Simply cut them with the scissors which contains several blades leaving you with perfectly chopped fresh herbs ready to use. No reason to skip the fresh herbs anymore! I use this almost daily in my kitchen.

3. Fine Mesh Shaker 

Presentation is a big deal to me when it comes to food. I love being able to add a finishing touch on a dish. This mesh shaker is perfect for dusting cinnamon, chocolate, or powdered sugar. My coffee gets topped with cinnamon every morning with my little shaker. It makes me feel like for a brief moment I am a barista serving up a beautiful latte….to myself. It’s fine mesh top allows you to dust a dessert or drink with an even coverage. It comes with a cover to help keep it fresh and to keep the moisture out.

4. Stainless Steel Chain Cleaner for Cast Iron

A friend gave this to me as a birthday gift.  It was the perfect gift for someone who owns lots of cast iron skillets.  Cleaning the pans went from scrubbing hard to get them clean to a quick scrub with the chain which easily lifts food and residue from the pan.  It even preserves the seasoning of your pan. It is easy to clean and easy to store!

5. Avocado Saver

If you ever eat avocados this is a real game changer. When you have half of it left you can store it in this avocado saver. It will keep your avo fresh for over a week.  It keeps it fresher by reducing air exposure and slowing down the oxidation process so your avocados don’t turn brown. You will never have to throw another over ripe avocado out again! It also works great to take an avocado on the go.

6. Avocado Slicer

I have an equal love for the avocado slicer as I do for the avocado saver. It is an easy way to slice up your avocado’s for sandwiches, salads or to spread on toast. It slices beautifully without making a mess and keeps the flesh in tact.

7. Silicone Pan Liner

I have found that using a silicone liner in my cookie sheets makes everything bake more evenly. It saves you from using extra parchment paper or aluminum foil. It will also help keep your cookie sheets clean and extend their life. You can also use it as a work surface to knead bread or mix dough on the counter top. A lot of them come with a circle template on it or a guide to help you evenly place cookies on the pan. They wash up really easy and can be thrown in the dishwasher!  Having more than one of these would be my recommendation.

8. Hand Juicer

The hand juicer is a great way to make quick work of juicing lemons, limes or oranges. I never thought this was a gadget I needed until I had one.  I have been able to get twice as much juice squeezed out of a lemon or lime. It is also a lot less messy than squeezing by hand!

9. Microplane Zester

A zester has many great uses!  You can grate things such as lemons, limes, oranges, ginger, coconut, parmesan, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg or garlic.  It is easy and quick to use.  The best part is that it is dishwasher safe – this is a win for me as I don’t enjoy washing anything by hand.

10. Garlic Peeler

There is nothing more annoying than trying to peel garlic cloves which is a tedious task.  Years ago someone gave me one of these garlic peelers and my kitchen experience was transformed!!  It is the BEST ever! In less than a minute you can have your garlic ready to use.  You simply place the cloves inside the roller and roll it along the countertop for a few seconds and dump the garlic cloves out.  The skin and clove will come out separated and your garlic is ready for use.