I remember as a child playing in the snow until my fingers were bright red and had no feeling in them.  My sisters and I would make snowmen, snow angels and best of all, we were pros at snowball fights!

If you’ve ever played in the snow you’ll probably remember the feeling of cold snow falling down your neck sending chills down your spine after you got nailed by a snowball. Didn’t that just make you try even harder to retaliate with a snowball grand slam! Okay, maybe that was just me.

I think it’s a lot of fun to bring childhood memories to the table – the good ones of course! It creates an opportunity for others to reminisce about their childhood too and it creates a great starting point for conversations and stories to be shared among friends.

Christmas is a time that should be filled with joy and laughter.  How we set the table can help create the mood and atmosphere we want to have. This tablescape is easy to make and is a bit playful which brings the fun to your table. Not every tablescape needs to feel too fancy or formal.

It is good to ask yourself a few questions before starting a tablescape creation.

  • What do you have around the house that inspires you?
  • Are there certain colors you want to use with this theme?
  • What kind of atmosphere are you wanting?

This cute little red wagon and the beautiful white faux snowballs were the starting point of my inspiration. I put on some Christmas music to help with the mood and started designing.

Here are the steps to creating my Snowball Fight Tablescape:

Step 1:
Find the object(s) that you want to be the center of attention – the main focal point of the table. My red wagon in the middle of the table, filled with snowballs is the center of attention in this design.  It reminds me of those snowball fights.

Step 2:
Greenery along the length of the table adds dimension and gives it some life.  A great way to add height is to add small light up trees on either end. Evergreen branches are great to fill in the space between the centerpiece and trees.

Helpful Hint: Any place that sells Fresh Christmas trees often gives away the trimmed branch pieces for free

Step 3: Adding texture to the table is important. Sprinkling fake snow all along the middle of the table and on top of the snowballs adds a soft texture and breaks up all the greenery.

Step 4: Candles bring warmth to the table. In this design, white pillar candles added a glow to the snowy table top!

Step 5: Extra touches can make your table feel extraordinary!  In case a snowball fight broke out, I wanted everyone to be prepared so I placed a few snowballs randomly throughout the whole tablescape!

Step 6:
Layering your charger/plates is another added texture and can define space.  A metal rustic charger is a sweet touch of vintage love. My main plate which is the gorgeous green plates, were a Goodwill find for $1 each! I could not resist the cute plaid and truck plates, which I alternated to add pops of color and to enhance the story of the tablescape.

Step 7:
Let your drinkware be a part of the story.  A fun way to serve drinks is in Moscow Mule mugs.  In addition, rose gold cutlery are the perfect accessory to add a little shine and bling to each place setting.

Step 8:
Design the tablescape in a way that keeps your eyes moving along the table. When there is extra or empty space at either end of the table you could use a table runner across the width to give the appearance of it being part of the design.

Step 7:
Don’t forget to add your finishing touches. Using cloth napkins are a great way to reduce waste and add more design appeal to your place settings.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, if it doesn’t look right you can take it off.  Some of the greatest tablescapes started by mistake with an unexpected inspiration. Be inspired to have fun during the process of creating a fun experience for your guests!  They will see the love you put into making the table feel special!

What are some Christmas tablescape themes you have enjoyed creating?

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